Approximately 383,000 sudden cardiac arrests happen each year in the United States.


Are you prepared to act in this situation? Is your staff?

Unfortunately, 70% of Americans are not prepared to act because they have never learned CPR or they haven't practiced their skills.

CPR is a vital skill that anyone can learn, including children as young as 8. When someone’s heart stops, CPR and early defibrillation are critical to the chain of survival. Knowing these skills can help YOU to save a life!

"A week after my CPR class, my daughter started choking, had I not taken the CPR class from Good Samaritan Training, I wouldn’t have known what to do. Thanks to the instructors I had the skills and confidence to act, dislodging what my child was choking on."


Teacher, Burien Co-Op Preschool

CPR can seem confusing, intimidating and scary at first. The knowledgeable instructors from Individually Fit will teach you the skills and supervise your practice, giving you the confidence to act in an emergency.

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“We hosted a CPR class at our gym for our members and the general public, and we had rave reviews from everyone who took Good Samaritan Training’s/Bobby's class. Participants who have taken CPR classes before told us that this CPR class was the most hands-on, practical CPR class they had taken. Everyone - from beginners to those who have taken CPR classes before - left the class feeling confident in their skills and knowing what to do in a cardiac arrest situation and other emergency situations. In fact, they asked when we’d do another first aid class with Bobby again to learn other first add skills. We definitely recommend Good Samaritan Training/Bobby’s CPR and First Aid classes.”

      -Drew deVry


       Freedom Fitness Gym